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This is a QR Code Generator for converting any URL into QR Codes. You need to simply put in a URL and it will generate its QR code which can be scanned further through any QR Code scanner app.

How do QR Codes Works?

Any QR Code consists of 3 main parts: data, position markers, and quiet zone. There may be an optional logo of the company in the QR.

The data in a QR code is a series of dots in a square grid. Each dot represents a one and each blank a zero in binary code, and the patterns encode sets of numbers, letters, or both, including URLs.

Position markers are squares placed in a QR code’s top-left, top-right, and bottom-left corners. These markers let a smartphone camera or other device orient the QR code when scanning it.

QR codes are surrounded by blank space, the quiet zone, to help the computer determine where the QR code begins and ends.

Upon scanning a QR code, the QR reader in your phone’s camera deciphers the code, and the resulting information triggers an action on your phone. If the QR code contains a URL, your phone will present you with the URL which upon clicking will be opened by your default browser.

You can read more about these on this site.

This QR Code Generator tool is simply built in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.