Download Chromedriver for Selenium

Selenium is a powerful automation framework that lets you control web browsers programmatically. But to navigate the web like a boss with Selenium, you need a trusty companion: ChromeDriver. This post equips you with all the knowledge to download the perfect ChromeDriver for your Selenium endeavors.

Here is the page to download ChromeDriver of any version

Understanding Your Chrome & ChromeDriver Synergy

Just like you wouldn’t use a bicycle key for a car, ChromeDriver needs to be compatible with your Chrome browser version. Here’s the key:

  • Chrome Version Check: Head over to Chrome settings and find the “About Chrome” section. This will display your current Chrome version.

Downloading Your ChromeDriver: Here’s How!

There are two main scenarios for downloading ChromeDriver, depending on your Chrome version:

Scenario 1: Chrome Version 115 and Above

For newer Chrome versions, Google has streamlined the process. Here’s your roadmap:

  1. Navigate to the Chrome for Testing Availability Dashboard: This nifty tool provides a one-stop shop for finding the latest compatible ChromeDriver.
  2. Choose Your Release Channel: You’ll see options for Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary releases. Pick the channel that aligns with your project’s needs (Stable for production, Beta for testing upcoming features, etc.)
  3. Download the ChromeDriver: Under your chosen release channel, locate the download link for your operating system (Windows, Mac, or Linux). These will typically be in zip format.

Scenario 2: Chrome Version 114 and Below

For older Chrome versions, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Official ChromeDriver Download Page: This page offers a list of ChromeDriver versions corresponding to different Chrome versions.
  2. Match Your Chrome Version: Identify the ChromeDriver version that aligns with your specific Chrome version. Pay close attention to details like 32-bit vs. 64-bit compatibility.
  3. Download the ChromeDriver: Click on the download link for your chosen ChromeDriver version.

Bonus Tip: Keeping Your ChromeDriver Updated

As Chrome releases updates, you’ll need to update your ChromeDriver accordingly to maintain compatibility. Here’s a pro-tip: consider using version management tools like brew (Mac) or choco (Windows) to automate the update process.

Remember: After downloading, extract the ChromeDriver zip file and place the extracted executable (e.g., chromedriver.exe) in a location accessible to your Selenium scripts. Refer to your specific Selenium language binding documentation for configuration details.

With the right ChromeDriver in hand, you’re ready to conquer web automation challenges with Selenium!