Dell XPS 15 all in One | XPS 9570 Touchscreen

If you are looking for a perfect all in one programming laptop that is powerful, yet slim and easy to carry, the DELL XPS 15 9570 can be a perfect choice for you.

A programming laptop is supposed to have enough power to run IDEs along with other applications simultaneously and compile codes smoothly. It should have a good screen with anti-glare features to protect your eyes while long hours of coding and have a good keypad for easy typing, on top of that should have a good support system.

This DELL XPS 15 comes with more features than required for programming stuff. It comes with a 4K touch OLED InfinityEdge screen with lots of power in the processor and graphics along with an ample amount of storage and RAM.

It is an injustice to call it just a programming laptop as this XPS 15 is one of the top-rated laptops for data science and deep learning activities, giving you the power to easily process the image data and train the model with GPU power. You can do heavy editing, 3D rendering, and occasional gaming with very good frame rates.


Screen15.6inch, 4K, Touch
Processor12th Gen Core i9
Storage1TB SSD
GPURTX 3050 Ti
Price$2,550 see the current price

Dell XPS 15 9570 All in One Features

Processor and GPU

This XPS 15 9570 comes with a powerful 12th Generation of Intel Core i9 Processor having 14 cores, 12M Cache, and up to 6 GHz max frequency.

Core i9-12900HK is a high-end processor for laptops based on the Alder Lake architecture having huge power to run all sorts of complex and modern applications.

The processor features 6 performance cores (P-cores, Golden Cove architecture) and 8 efficient cores (E-cores, Gracemont architecture). The P-cores support Hyper-Threading leading to 20 supported threads when combined with the E-cores.

With this laptop, you will get NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050Ti graphic card with 4GB GDDR5 memory. This level of graphics is more than enough for any programming tasks, editing, and moderate gaming with good FPS.

Storage and RAM

The laptop comes with a 1TB fast SSD which is an ample amount to store all sorts of applications and software. The flash-based SSD available in faster PCIe versions provides plenty of storage room and high-performance responsiveness to access and run your applications quickly. 

The 1TB SSD is enough storage space for most people, including everyone whether a programmer, gamer, editor, or 3D modeler.

This XPS 15 all-in-one comes with a 32GB dual channel DDR4 RAM having 2666MHz of frequency, giving you the ability to run heavy applications, intense multitasking, and gaming smoothly.


This XPS 15 all-in-one comes with a 15.6-inch InfinityEdge screen with a resolution of 4K Ultra HD.

Equipped with a touchscreen, this laptop is perfect for all color-related tasks giving you very fine-tuned colors and contrasts. Get immersed in content with bright, color-rich panels with high resolution, with more viewing space to keep you productive. Integrated Eyesafe display technology helps to reduce harmful blue light while maintaining vivid color.

The stunning 4-sided InfinityEdge display enables a large 16:10 screen and 92.9% screen-to-body ratio.

Physical look

The Chassis is made of CNC machined-milled aluminum which creates an elegant design that’s stronger and firmer than magnesium or plastic. Diamond-cut sidewalls provide a scratch-resistant surface.

The black glass fiber composite palm rest allows for maximum strength and minimal weight, having a big, comfortable touchpad and an edge-to-edge backlit keyboard with large key caps for maximum productivity.

Some other features of the XPS 15 all in one

Incredible sound: With quad speaker design and Waves Nx® 3D Audio for Speakers, it gives immersive 3D soundscape sound, a perfect instrument for mixing or listening. It somewhat turns your headphones into a top-of-the-line movie theater sound system, creating an immersive real surround sound experience.

Fast and secure log-on: With a built-in lid sensor that powers up the laptop and facial recognition or fingerprint reader, the XPS 15 enables you to log in securely and instantly in milliseconds.

Different performance modes: The laptop helps unlock access to four modes—quiet, performance, cool, and optimized. Each mode tailors fan speeds and battery life, with performance mode unlocking the full power of your PC.

Reasons to go for this XPS 15 model

There are a lot of reasons why you gonna love this XPS laptop not just for programming, but for all the stuff:

  • Wonderful accurate screen (4K OLED)
  • Packed with huge power
  • Nice slim design to fit in your college bag
  • Amazing DELL support

Reasons to avoid this XPS 15 model

Though a very good laptop for programming and all-in-one stuff, this laptop has certain cons in its features and we have the responsibility to tell you what we have tested and felt:

  • Bit expensive and hardly be afforded by college students
  • Due to heavy specifications, the battery life can be a problem after a year.
  • A little bit heavy (8pounds)

Why this XPS 15 laptop is a good programming laptop?

I personally write lots of code on a daily basis. As a web developer, I have to open and run various applications at the same time, like Visual Studio Code, Windows terminal, Postman, and Browser to check code output. If your laptop lacks enough specifications and if it is a little bit old, you might face hanging off the laptop sometimes.

I have to work in front of my laptop for a very long hour period writing and debugging codes. This is not good for your eyes though.

The XPS 15 laptop is a powerful machine with a slim and compact design easy to carry in colleges and offices. It comes with a 4K OLED Touch Screen with better eyes protection from blue lights and other dangerous rays from the screen. The Touch feature of the screen is very helpful for presentation stuff.

Having the latest and outstanding processor and graphics, this XPS 15 all in one laptop is not just for software development but also suited for Machine Learning tasks. I personally worked on several Image processing cum Deep Learning projects on this laptop and believe me it didn’t let me down.

The link for buying the laptop is above. If you buy from our link, we will get some help without costing you extra.

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