SQLite Basics

The SQLite library is a light-weight embedded SQL engine, with a nice DB API compliant Python binding, originally developed by Michael Owens. A newer version, called sqlite3, was added to Python’s standard library in Python 2.5. import sqlite3 db = sqlite3.connect(“database.db”) c = db.cursor() c.execute(“create table mytable (timestamp, size, file)”) for file in os.listdir(“.”): c.execute( “insert into mytable values (?, ?, … Read more

SQL Alter Table Add Column

In SQL, Alter is a Data Definition Language (DDL) that is used to add, delete, or modify columns in an existing table. If an existing table has some constraints, Alter commands can also be used to change it. In this post, we will add a new column in a SQL table using Alter command. We … Read more

SQL QUERY to Insert Multiple Rows in the Table

In SQL, the INSERT query is used to insert data into the database. It is a DML(Data Manipulation Language) which is one of the most common queries in SQL to manipulate table data. If you want to learn more about SQL, here is the best SQL Tutorial you can find helpful. In this post, we … Read more

Complete SQL Tutorial with Examples

SQL Server

This is a complete SQL tutorial for a beginners in which we have used lots of examples to make it easier to understand. What is SQL? SQL stands for Structured Query Language. Just like Python, Java, and PHP are programming languages, SQL is a database language to interact with databases. A programming language can’t directly … Read more